Electronic systems for renewable energy sources, home automation

Company Profile

SOLAR controls s.r.o. is a dynamic czech engineering company with the aim to develop electronic control systems and other products of premium quality.

We provide advanced control systems for renewable energy sources, especially for photovoltaic power plants, solar systems and others. Energy savings are the common denominator of all our electronic modules.

New 10. 2. 2015! Our new Heating Control regulator can combine classic heating with heating from your photovoltaic system, plus it can control multi-source heating. When correctly fitted and set, Heating Control can effectively manage your house heating, hot water preparation, pool heating and others.

Multi-source heating always needs a storage tank where multiple heating sources and multiple heat consumers are attached to. Exceed energy from your photovoltaic system is stored there as well.

For heating, suitable heat pump with direct condenser in storage tank is used because it is most effective. These controllers can link to any WATTrouter M device to cooperate with photovoltaic system, allowing you to heat your house directly from the sun.

illustrative diagram of the system, click to enlarge.

All our products meet strict requirements of european technical standards, this applies both for electronic product safety as well as for electromagnetic compatibility. Before our products enter the markets, long term testing and validation is performed.

Our products can be purchased directly via our online store or through authorized distributors in respective country. For our distributors we offer interesting rates.